SKB EP, LLC (Russian brand) is a leading company in developing and manufacturing Test Devices for High-Voltage Equipment.

At the moment the company covers about 90% of the Russian market and exports its instruments to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Peru, and Ecuador.

It has 13,000 loyal customers and 39 distributors representing its products worldwide. The products are highly competitive and exceed in the majority of technical characteristics world known leading brands, such as Megger, DV Power, Sonel, Vanguard, Metrel, KoCos. Some products have the highest performance in the world and have no competitors.

The product assortment is not limited to:

  • HV Circuit Breaker Analyzer PKV/U3 for measuring time and speed, travel characteristics, and current and voltage of electromagnets, SF6, air, and oil circuit breakers drives;
  • Microohmmeters MIKO-1, MIKO-10, and MIKO-21;
  • Generator and Transformer winding resistance meter MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A), and MIKO-9A;
  • Micromillikiloohmmeter MIKO-2.3;
  • OLTC analyzers PKR-2and PRK-2M for controlling regulation under load systems of transformers without/with DRM method.

You may watch a detailed video about the company and its products on Youtube channel

The company offers to the customers such services as calibration, testing, graph analysis, repair and extended warranty. For active promotion, the company offers demo visits, seminars, publishes articles and news on its website  and takes part in exhibitions.

The company is looking for a Distributor who could represent SKB EP brand in Germany.

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Svetlana Volkova (Ms.)
Export Sales Manager
Tel.: +7 (812) 500-25-48  ext. 221